Deborah’s 10x10x10 Story: All Good Things Must Come to an End

*My story begins with unemployment and ends with unemployment. The end.*

*This of course, would be a horrible blog post. Who allowed this? Did one of the interns post this? Let’s just start from the beginning.

 Deborah is our sleepless Social Media Intern who creates content for the Facebook Page.

Deborah is our sleepless Social Media Intern who creates content for the Facebook Page.

Unemployment post-NYU made me completely open to accepting and embracing the seemingly random chain of events that it triggered. I was introduced to a whole new set of friends, tried out a few stints as a background actor, got offered (and accepted!) the fabricated position of a 22-year old flower girl in my new friend’s wedding, started working with one of the bridesmaid’s at a jewelry company, went on a mission trip to Nicaragua, and got that fateful forwarded email about internship opportunities with Library For All.

During the short time that I was in Nicaragua, I came to the glaringly obvious realization that I needed to serve others. There was so much more I could do if I just started and I clearly wasn’t doing much of anything by taking photos of elaborate Turkish necklaces at work.

So, after my return from Nicaragua, I asked friends and family to do two things for me:

#1 – Let me know of any opportunities in the nonprofit field

#2 – Make sure I quit my job

In this economy, many people would say quitting your job without having another lined up is pretty darn irresponsible. And I agree. What is even more irresponsible is making compromise after compromise for the sake of staying within one’s own comfort zone. This is why I’m resigning now to find work with an organization that is progressive, passionate, and caring. It’s also why I’m currently interning with Library For All.

I’m praying that this re-entry into unemployment is one of those pivotal learning moments in life, like when your dad lets go of the bicycle for the first time without letting you know – just to watch you ride off into the sunset, further and further away from him. In that moment, you’re just moving forward. Without hesitation and not thinking to look back.

It doesn’t always take great strides to make significant progress. If you’re reading this, you probably know all about Library For All’s Kickstarter campaign and 10x10x10, our campaign within a campaign. $10+ may not seem like a lot, but it is an important step forward in building up this great digital library platform. And we don’t want to keep the knowledge the library has to offer to ourselves – we want to share it with kids worldwide. All you have to do to help the developing world move forward is to start. In this case, Kickstart.