Leaders in Action, Holiday Read-a-thon Campaign

On December 7th, 2013 we launched our first Go Read! Holiday Read-a-thoncampaign with students from all over the country.

As part of the campaign, Junior Ambassadors volunteered their Saturday afternoon to meet with Library For All and brainstorm ideas to get more young people involved in the Read-a-thon. Gathering over hot chocolate and cookies, we discussed our favorite books and characters, and why it’s important for schools in developing countries to have access to literature and education.

Junior Ambassadors are influential young leaders who have a passion to read while supporting education in developing countries. Our Junior Ambassadors are leading by example. Over the holidays, they launched our Read-a-thon campaign by reading as many books as they could and asking people to sponsor them by donating to Library For All based on the number of pages they read. They are extremely excited to be a part of Library For All’s Holiday Read-a-thon and have already reached out to teachers, companies, friends and family for support as they continue to read.

Library For All’s young leaders are helping to tell others about the opportunity to get involved with the Read-a-thon by participating in events at local bookstores, schools, and libraries throughout New York City. At the same time, we are meeting with global organizations such as Girls Learn International and schools throughout the country to get more students involved in the Read-a-thon throughout the year.

We are delighted to see young people take action and support a meaningful cause through an activity that benefits them as well – reading. We are changing the world of education by empowering students to share the gift and responsibility of knowledge. This is an ongoing campaign, so we encourage you to take a look at our Read-a-thon website and consider joining the campaign by spreading the word, creating your own fundraising page or by sponsoring our young readers.