A Photographer in Haiti

Me and a student reading from a Surtab tablet

Me and a student reading from a Surtab tablet

By Maritza Chateau, Contributing Writer and Photographer. 

I was invited on a journey to Haiti as a photographer for Library For All. My experience was very enriching. I was really impressed by the enthusiasm, commitment, professionalism and dedication of the whole team. We visited different schools in Port Salut, a coastal town in the “Sud Department” of Haiti, and then Gressier, a municipality in the Port au Prince region. In Port Salut, we introduced the tablet loaded with “Library for All” to three schools. Before handing the tablets over to the students, the team made a short presentation on how to use them. The students were immediately submerged looking for books in Creole and French. As someone who has not always been able to handle the newest technology, I was really surprised by how quickly the students learned to use the tablet. 

In Gressier, we visited Respire Haiti, founded by Megan Boudreaux. The school has over 500 children. It was part of the pilot program for Library For All and they had already received 22 tablets. As a result, the children were much more confident in their use of the tablets and in the navigation of its content. I was able to watch how the kids interacted with their tablets and how these devices had changed the dynamic in the class. It was obvious that the tablets had changed the way the kids thought about learning. I noticed that the classroom itself had also been changed by these devices. The teacher was better able to organize her lessons while the children took pride in their ability to browse through and learn the content. I feel honored to have witnessed these positive results firsthand. I am extremely proud to be a part of an organization that has brought new educational possibilities to these remote parts of Haiti.

A big BRAVO to your dedication, passion and commitment.