Library For All in Rwanda

Library For All Launches in Rwanda on National Reading Day – June 26th, 2015
By: Lauren Diamond

Library For All officially has readers in Rwanda! On June 26th, our amazing partners the Imbuto Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies hosted a wonderful launch event at the Kigali Public Library on Rwanda’s National Reading Day. The theme “Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader” set the tone for the event as a crowd of children and adults, charged with curiosity and excitement, gathered to witness the launch of the Library for All app for the first time. The event included interactive reading activities for students, demos of the app, as well as a panel of honorary guests to spark discussion about reading in Rwanda. Each panelist spoke about bolstering Rwanda’s reading culture, as well as the large role reading plays in educational development.

The Library For All app, which can be downloaded on the Google Play store , has a collection of 500 titles curated from both international and local Rwandan publishers. The Library offers content for a range of ages and interests, and it includes books published in both English and Kinyarwanda, Rwanda’s local language. The Library For All app aims to catalogue Rwandan literature to showcase a largely untapped facet of Rwanda’s rich culture. Thus, many of the books available have been written by Rwandan authors, calling attention to the some of the literary prowess the country has to offer. Through access to a variety both academic and leisure books, we hope that whether a child wants to be a neurosurgeon or write the next great novel of our time, he or she has access to necessary resources, and role models, to reach their dreams.