Isabel’s 10x10x10 Story: Fighting the Battle for Access to Education

Having just graduated from college, I’ve been thinking about next year and what it is I want to pursue. I worked with a number of non-profit organizations throughout high school, so I knew that I wanted to be involved in the non-profit sector somehow, but I wasn’t quite sure in which capacity I’d most like to do so. As I was in the middle of the exploratory process, the answer seemed to fall right into my lap.

I learned about Library For All when I met Tanyella at a dinner of a mutual friend of ours. My friend had previously mentioned Library For All to me and I was really keen to hear more. So when I found out that Tanyella was going to be at the dinner as well, I begged my friend to seat us close to each other. As we took our place at the table, Tanyella and I began chatting about Library For All. By the time the food arrived, I knew the project was something I needed to be a part of. By dessert, I was asking Tanyella how I could be a part of the team.

I’ve researched and worked with a number of non-profit start-ups and I can honestly say that of all the organizations I have come across (and there have been a ton!), not one captured my attention or had such a lasting impact as Library For All has on me.

"I think the reason that Library For All strikes a chord in me is that for a long time, it has been clear to me that many, if not all of the problems in the world today stem from lack of global education."

From what I can tell, there are so many organizations working to eradicate poverty, hunger and disease, but so few of them seem to focus on the enormous role that education could play as a solution. 


That isn’t to say that I don’t find these other organizations to be so hugely important and effective in their own right, but only to point out that they focus more on immediate concerns than they are on attacking the root of the problems- the lack of quality education. While I know it would be both interesting and rewarding to work for any of these organizations and to see an immediate change, I strongly believe that the only long-term solution is education. And it is long-term impact that I am after.

I think Bec and Tanyella have completely hit the nail on the head with Library For All. Not only does Library For All highlight the importance of education, but it also manages to effect change around it! The team here is incredibly inspiring, to say the least.

Listen to Isabel tell her story of why she is passionate about working at Library For All, and why she will be sharing it with her friends over the next 10 days.

 Isabel, Tanyella and Talie working at a local cafe

Isabel, Tanyella and Talie working at a local cafe