Leaders for Literacy Day: International Literacy Assocation

Leaders for Literacy Day: International Literacy Association

This year at the Leaders for Literacy Day Conference, hosted by International Literacy Association (ILA), our CEO Rebecca McDonald will share her story about why Library For All exists to deliver quality, local books to children in developing countries via a cloud-based, digital library.

Today, we are pressed to think about how to best support literacy champions across the world in order to improve learning outcomes.

For our organization, providing quality educational resources to school administrators, educators, and community leaders, is critical to their children to become literate, empowered citizens.

We are proud to share a recent case study from Rwanda, where a school of over 250 students across 7 grades use Library For All as a resource to help their children thrive in the classroom:

“Umubano Primary School is a local school in Kabeza, the Kicukiro District of Kigali. We have 254 students including 3 nursery classes and 6 primary classes (P1 – P6)…

Library For All was immediately identified as a useful resource for our school environment, where we are always searching for more school materials and books to add to our library.

We use Library For All in class formally and informally. As part of reading comprehension activities, children will access specific texts in order to read and respond to questions related to the texts. They also have the opportunity to choose texts to read for pleasure and to stimulate discussion with their classmates.

It is really exciting to have an application that provides current texts from local publishers. Having access to these books in Kinyarwanda gives students the opportunity to develop their mother-tongue. The platform also is easy to use and children can navigate their way around the app independently.

In a country that is developing so rapidly, we are excited about being at the forefront of this change and pioneering this method of using e-readers in the classroom.”

Amy, A Partner in Education, Rwanda