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Celebrating Teachers: Champions of Knowledge

Celebrating Teachers: Champions of Knowledge

Happy World Teacher Day! At Library For All, we believe teachers are true champions of knowledge.

As schools around the world become increasingly more equipped with ICT and devices, teachers have expressed the value of using our digital library in the classroom. Teachers at our partner schools believe that children must be exposed to an abundance of quality content – especially in their local language – to develop a lifelong love of reading.

We have seen teachers use our digital library to teach different subjects, to lead group reading discussions, and to encourage students to explore and discover books that interest them.  

Teacher leads a group reading session at Umubano Primary School in Kigali, Rwanda

In our recent trip to Rwanda, we met with the Head Teacher at Umubano Primary School, Jean de Dieu, who, along with his staff and our partners at A Partner in Education, have championed the use of Library For All’s digital library across many grades.

During our visit to Umubano Primary School, we were lucky enough to hear Jean de Dieu speak in an all-school assembly on the importance of reading and literacy on International Literacy Day (September 8th):

Head Teacher at Umubano Primary School, Kigali, Rwanda. Photo credit: UPS

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the International Literacy Day celebration at Umubano Primary School. I would like to extend a warm welcome to the Library For All delegation - we thank you for books you gave to us through Library For All.

Celebrating Literacy Day is celebrating human rights. This is for us an occasion to mark achievements and reflect on ways to overcome challenges for the promotion of literacy as a part of lifelong learning.

At Umubano Primary School, we are not only celebrating that our students can read, write and use arithmetic, but they also use digital technologies to access different information and knowledge. Please let us give them a round of applause, they are good students.

As we have this good experience, we are also thinking about how to support the Rwandan society to adopt the reading and writing culture as a part of everyday life. Through parents’ trainings that we organize regularly here, parents have learnt how important it is for them to spend a time reading with children at home.

Working together to reach quality education requires everyone to work hard and to work as a team to improve literacy.  Literate people are:

  1. Confident lifelong learners
  2. Leaders and agents of positive change
  3. And nation builders

I wish you happy International Literacy Day. Thank you.”

Umubano Primary School teachers holding their completed teaching and teacher training certificates. Photo credit: UPS

The teachers at Umubano Primary School are just one example of how teachers around the world are champions of knowledge - for students, their parents, and the community at large.

This World Teacher Day, we thank all teachers, with a special shout out to those we have worked alongside in Haiti, Rwanda, DRC, Cambodia, and Mongolia!