Our Partnership Model


We have a mission to make knowledge accessible to every person on the planet, but we cannot do it alone.

It is only by working in partnership that we will be able to scale sustainably and achieve this goal. Our Blueprint Model of implementation allows schools, NGOs and governments of developing nations to customize our Library according to their users' specific needs. 

We have identified the following essential components to build a country library:




Library For All 

The Blueprint Model works by drawing upon the strengths of the Library For All team in technology development, content curation, connectivity solutions, and partnership collaboration.



Blueprint Partners

Blueprint Partners implement the model in-country by identifying appropriate partners and hardware, training teachers, dedicating local staff to manage the program, and monitoring impact of the Library.

Photo courtesy of Books for Asia

Photo courtesy of Books for Asia


We are proud to highlight our partnership with Books for Asia, a program of The Asia Foundation. Since 1954, Books for Asia has sent over 50 million physical books and educational materials to over 20 Asian countries.

In May 2014, we partnered with Books for Asia to create a locally relevant, digital library for developing countries in Asia. With a mutual agreement that providing digital books proves to be a cost-effective and scalable solution for delivering valuable content, we set out to build a country library specifically for Cambodia.

Our Cambodian Library is filled with locally relevant ebooks in Khmer and English, sourced from local Cambodian and international publishers, approved by a Local Advisory Board of publishers and education specialists in Cambodia, and digitized to render on our Library platform. In November 2015, our Library will pilot in 5 schools and 2 mobile libraries, following extensive teacher training sessions. Books for Asia has built strong relationships with local implementation partners Sipar and Kampuchean Action for Primary Education (KAPE) to facilitate this effort. In the coming months, Books for Asia will be implementing monitoring and evaluation programs to measure the impact of the Library. 


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