Our work is made possible by the many partners, advisors, schools, content creators and NGOs who inform and inspire us. In turn, we aim to openly share our work and process so that others may build on it and engage with us by assessing our work, providing feedback and suggesting partnership opportunities.

Open Communication
We believe in the power of development organizations sharing successes and failures so that we can learn from one another and ultimately serve communities in the developing world more effectively. We pledge to openly share our failures along with our successes – the challenges we encounter, how we handle them and what we learn along the way.

Content Openness
We believe that opening access to educational resources is key to development, and when permissions allow, we will contribute any content or translations generated by our staff and community as open educational resources under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license.

Open Technology
As with our content, we believe that sharing our technology openly is essential to development efforts, and we contribute all technology our team creates and commissions to the open source community through the network Github.com.

We occasionally work with partners to license parts of our platform that are already built to our needs, rather than recreating them. In this case, we honor the requirements of our technology partners and respect their privacy policies and licenses.

Open Governance and Evaluation
We also aim to be transparent in our approach to governance by publishing our financials and annual reports so that our donors, partners, and other stakeholders know exactly how we are spending our funds. Wherever possible, we will pursue opportunities for feedback, outside evaluation and monitoring so that we can better assess and improve our impact.