Our Platform

Library For All’s cloud-based, digital library platform is designed for use in low-bandwidth environments and optimized for offline reading. 


Our platform is designed for a variety of low-cost devices, such as tablets, mobile phones and PCs.

Our digital library tracks user demographics, number of books read and number of pages turned. These analytics help us to improve the content and user-experience of the Library.

Library For All does not provide hardware to schools. Instead, we identify devices that exist in-country and customize our platform accordingly.


Our Process

Quality Process.png

Below is a snapshot of the local and international publishers that we work with to build our Library collection!

Our Collection

Library For All brings together quality, locally relevant books and educational materials from various sources into one simple, searchable platform.


For each country, our collection is comprised of predominantly K-12 educational content, available in popular local languages, that serves as a resource for both academic and leisure purposes.


Relevant content includes:

  • Textbooks
  • Children's Books
  • Young Adult Fiction
  • Non-Fiction
  • World Literature
  • Reference Materials

Library For All curates content from a variety of sources. Our Library in each country includes content licensed or donated from:

  • Major international publishers

  • Local publishers from a variety of countries

  • NGOs, governments and other local stakeholders

  • Open Educational Resources

We believe that opening access to educational resources is key to development, and when permissions allow, we will contribute any content or translations generated by our staff and community as open educational resources under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license.

Library For All has partnered with leading distributors to deliver publisher content to our readers in a secure, automated fashion. We protect IP through a digital rights management (DRM) system, so international publishers can distribute their content freely on the Library without fear of piracy. The Library includes a publisher portal, and an analytics system for gathering reader data and monitoring effectiveness long-term. Since our Library is cloud-based, a publisher can add to, delete or update the settings on a single book or an entire list of books in our Library at any time.



Do you have content for our Library? Reach out to us here!