Our Story

It all began with a local idea to solve a problem facing students worldwide –
a lack of books in the classroom.

Moved by images she saw of the suffering in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, our co-founder Rebecca relocated with her husband from Australia to volunteer on community projects. What affected her most during her 2.5 years in Haiti was seeing classrooms with hundreds of children that had no books.

Rebecca loves to read, and after finishing the books she brought from home, she began to peruse digital e-readers for herself online. It was then that the idea for Library For All hit her like a lighting bolt. Rebecca researched the space and saw the potential of the widespread availability of mobile networks to provide content to fill this void.

The idea for Library For All was born in March 2012 to provide a scalable, digital library solution to the lack of accessible books in developing countries. 

Months later, Rebecca and Tanyella were brought together over their first New York meal and a love for Haiti. They shared a common belief that access to knowledge is a basic human right, and since then, they have built Library For All from idea to organization.

The organization was incorporated in November 2013. Library For All was granted 501c3 status in May 2014.