A Library in the Cloud

The Library For All Platform

Library For All was founded for those who have little or no access to books. The product is a digital library and educational platform, with content from Open Source providers and publishers. It is designed for low-bandwidth environments, through the use of a local network topology.
Here’s the problem
Here’s our solution
The cost of purchasing and shipping books.
Low cost, device agnostic digital platform.
Innapropriate Content
Culturally or linguistically inappropriate content.
Curated OER and free publisher content.
Innapropriate Content
Low bandwidth limits access.
Specific low-bandwidth network topology.
Whilst traditionally we have run book drives for those living in poverty, the reality is that the cost of collecting, sorting, shipping and distributing physical books in the developing world is actually very high. And even when the books do finally arrive, they are often not at the right reading level or grade, or even in the right language for local user needs.

On the other hand, current digital solutions fall short too. They are often tied to one particular device, and are too expensive. Furthermore, even when users can get online, its hard for them to find what they are looking for, as useful content is stored in disparate silos across the Internet.

Library For All bridges these challenges by bringing relevant educational and inspirational content together in one place. We will make it easy to access on any device, and easily searchable by subject, grade and reading level. Building upon the success of tablet-based educational programs in India and Thailand, we are designing our program for scale and impact.

Technology is not the silver bullet to solve all the challenges of global education. Yet with the spread of 3G mobile networks across much of the developing world, there is a momentous opportunity now for us to work with developing communities to leapfrog traditional development pathways and access content in the cloud.

Rollout Strategy

A 4th grader at Respire School, Haiti
A 4th grader at Respire School, Haiti
We hear it all the time, but for us it’s integral to our model – we do not want to reinvent the wheel. Our distribution plan is to work hand-in-hand with NGOs and other agencies in developing countries that are doing effective work, and support them to provide access to Library For All to their communities.

Our partners select the device they want to use, and find a sponsor or purchase the devices. We have also sourced some low-cost robust devices for under $50. We then work with our partners to set up a local area network and provide access to the Library For All platform to all of their clients.

A student in India with the $40 Aakash2 tablet.
A student in India with the $40 Aakash2 tablet.
Our pilot program will launch in Haiti in partnership with Respire School this Fall. The pilot will provide us with the opportunity to test our implementation model, measure the effectiveness of delivering access to digital books through the Library For All platform, and improve our model as we rollout further.

In Year 2 our goal will be to scale up access in Haiti, and rollout a pilot program in two additional countries.

If you are considering a digital solution for your school or program in the developing world and are interested in being a partner for the rollout, please fill out the partners form here.