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Rich Russo

Chief Creative Officer at Havas Adrenaline

Mary Ashton Burgh

ACD/Copywriter at Havas Worldwide

Lindsey Kaufman

Freelance Copywriter/Creative Director


Eric Bertuccio

Writer at Havas NY

Frank Connolly

Senior Editor, MindEdge Learning

Alla Gonopolsky

Freelance Writer and Brand Strategist


Rick Boyko

AAF Advertising Hall of Fame, Retired Co-President CCO Ogilvy North America, Director VCU Brandcenter

Wendel Meldrum

Writer, Blogger, Award-winning Comedic Actress

Andrew Jeske

Advertising Creative Director/Copywriter


Alice Whitmore

Author of "Lutheranliar Looks at Life"

Alan Brown

Coach, Speaker, Writer at ADDCrusher

Helen Tsanos Sheinman

Author of "Love, Laughter and Lunch: The Evocative Memories of a Cypriot Family's Journey"